Herington pillows


  • Premium quality bedding
  • Large range of sizes, heights, feels and fillings
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial to help prevent growth of mould and dust mites
  • Available at popular department stores includng David Jones and Harvey Norman

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About this brand

Herington combines the latest technology with luxury finishes and performance […]

Herington combines the latest technology with luxury finishes and performance features to offer a complete range of pillows and other bedding products.

Herington is a premium brand offering high levels of fabrics and trims providing the user the ultimate in affordable luxury. It can be found nationally at David Jones and Harvey Norman as well as selected manchester specialists.

Herington uses premium fillings as diverse as fine silk, white goose downs, quality latex and memory foams, Australian wool, microfibre and quality polyester fibre designed to ensure your night’s sleep will be totally comfortable. We believe if you sleep better, you will live better.

Jaspa Herington take a holistic approach to the sleep problems faced by asthma and allergy sufferers. Every product with the Jaspa Herington name is either treated or has hypo-allergenic properties to ensure your sleep is both comfortable and restful.

Jaspa Herington have a wide range of bedding approved by the Sensitive Choice program offering pillows and quilts made from polyester, foams (including memory foams) and feather and down, and underlays made from foam.

The following Herington pillows are Sensitive Choice approved:

  • 25% white goose down and feather pillow
  • Gusseted ExcelFibre® pillow
  • Luxury ExcelFibre® pillow
  • ExcelMicroFibre® pillow
  • ExcelFibre® Kids pillow
  • ExcelFibre® Grow pillow
  • ExcelFibre® Body pillow