Odyssey ventilation


  • Fresh air throughout your home, all year-round
  • Reduced condensation and mould
  • Energy efficient, reduced energy consumption with air conditioning systems
  • Removes odours
  • More comfortable living and sleeping environment
  • Innovative design and AIRAH sustainability award

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About this brand

Odyssey roof ventilation products are made by CSR. CSR are […]

Odyssey ventilation cools your home in the hot summer months, reduces mould, odours and condensation, and draws in warmer outside air in the cooler months.

Odyssey intelligent hybrid ventilation is a smart, energy efficient, air exchange system for your home, designed to provide fast and effective relief from heat that builds up in the fabric of your home during the day so you don’t feel like you’re living in a hot box. It also provides thorough ventilation of the home to remove odours, allergens and freshen the air.

Designed and built in Australia to meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate, Odyssey ventilation can lower your cooling costs by taking timely advantage of the natural temperature differences.

Incorporating award winning and highly efficient hybrid technology, the sleek roof mounted ventilator is ducted through your roof space to an attractive ceiling vent in the living area.

Internal and external sensors monitor internal and external temperatures and work out how best to maintain comfortable living environment within your home.

Odyssey is a subsidiary of one of Australia’s largest building materials manufacturers  CSR, the exclusive ventilation partner for Australia.