• Beneficial for asthma and allergies
  • Allows air circulation
  • Prevents overheating
  • Improves sleep
  • Super easy to clean and fast to dry

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About this brand

The Numu mattress brand is a new offering in Australia […]

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Numu-roo is a unique mattress designed for bassinets, cots and toddler beds, ideal for children aged between 0-5 years.  Unlike any other mattress, Numu-roo is made of a durable mesh/net that enables maximum air flow through the mattress to prevent accumulation of allergens.

Numu-roo Cot mattress and bassinet mattress

This mattress provides a pleasant, ventilated and dry sleep environment that helps to maintain uninterrupted sleep, even on hot Australian nights. As it is easily cleanable, it is easy to prevent the accumulation of dust, airborne allergens and dust mites which can cause respiratory and skin allergies. All these advantages add up to create a clean and pleasant sleep environment – children enjoy a mattress that provides a dry environment.

Numu-roo mattress sheet (Bassinet or Cot)

A breathable mattress sheet, available in a range of colours for either cot or bassinet Numu mattresses.

Numu-roo elevation legs

Elevation legs can be easily attached to the head of the Numu-roo mattress frame to create an slightly angled sleep surface in case of congestion or reflux.

Why buy a Numu-roo mattress?

  1. They’re beneficial for asthma and allergies – the Numu-roo mattress net design was found to be far superior in preventing the accumulation of dust and dust mites thereby significantly reducing a major allergy trigger factor.
  2. Allows air circulation – the Numu-roo mattress is more air-permeable than any other mattress. This allows maximum circulation of oxygen and dispersion of CO2 and helps prevent rebreathing of exhaled air.
  3. Prevents overheating – Overheating is identified as one of the risk factors for infants. Scientific research referenced by the American Society of Paediatrics found the Numu-roo mattress to be completely ventilated and superior in heat dissipation.
  4. Better sleep –parents are testifying that their babies are sleeping better with the Numu-roo mattress, probably due to the its ability to maintain a stable temperature, clean air and allergen free environment. Numu-roo promotes seepage of fluid and does not require additional protectors.
  5. Super easy to clean and fast to dry – When it’s mattress cleaning time, the net design shines supreme. Wipe with a wet cloth or dip in the bath will allow for a quick dry. Due to its material and design, one quick clean will bring the mattress back to as new condition even after years of use. The Numu-roo mattress can accompany your child from birth to their first day of school.