Daikin air purifiers


  • Powerful, yet quiet operation
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Portable
  • An advanced four stage filter system
  • World’s first Titanium Apatite Photo Catalytic filter

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About this brand

Daikin’s focus is on bringing climate-controlled comfort to places where […]

The Daikin MC70L air purifier incorporates the world’s first titanium apatite photocatalytic filter.

This advanced filter not only traps microscopic particles from the room and gets rid of unpleasant odours but also absorbs and removes bacteria and deactivates viruses.

The advanced four stage filter system first removes dust particles, cigarette smoke, pet hair and pollen from the air. Then its photocatalytic filter removes mould spores and odours and absorbs viruses and bacteria.

Powerful, yet quiet, the compact, stylish design and easy portability makes it ideal for homes, offices, waiting rooms and smaller shops and salons.

Daikin air purifiers generate low levels of ozone (below 0.05 parts per million). According to the Australian Department of the Environment, natural ozone levels in the lower atmosphere are generally around 0.04 parts per million and that amount is not harmful to human health.