Breville dehumidifiers


  • Wide range to fit different room sizes
  • Easy to use, compact yet contemporary look
  • 2-year warranty

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About this brand

Breville is an Australian marketer of small home appliances, founded in 1932. They created the original sandwich toaster. The product was a huge success upon its launch in Australia in 1974, selling 400,000 units in its first year and making the Breville brand a household name in Australia. Today Breville is a leader in the […]

Breville’s Air Treatment category features purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers for a range of solutions to suit different households, from issues with air impurities to dryness or dampness.

The following dehumidifier models are Sensitive Choice approved:

  • the Smart Dry™ Dehumidifier: Compact in size but packed with intelligent features, this model is recommended for rooms up to 30m²
  • the Smart Dry Plus™ Dehumidifier: Equipped with a laundry mode, a humidity level colour indicator sensor and a 2-stage air filter, this dehumidifier is recommended for rooms up to 50m²
  • the Smart Dry Ultimate™ Dehumidifier: Comes with 3-stage air filtration and an onboard pump for continuous drainage. Recommended for rooms up to 80m²
  • the All Climate™ Dehumidifier LAD250: Desiccant unit effective in both cold and warm environments. Recommended for medium rooms up to 50m²