Lounge room

Furniture, curtains and flooring can harbour all sorts of allergy triggers, from dust mites to pet dander. Look for products that are easy to clean or have anti-microbial properties.

Good vacuum cleaners effectively lift dirt and emit clean air; look for one that has high quality (e.g. HEPA) filtration. Keep in mind that using the best vacuum cleaner or sweeping the shiniest hard floor will still stir up allergens, so very sensitive people should avoid doing the cleaning themselves and stay out of the room while it’s happening.

Make sure any wood-fire heaters have chimneys that are working properly so smoke doesn’t drift into the room. Unflued gas heaters are dangerous and should be replaced, while open fireplaces that waft smoke into the room (even occasionally) are probably better avoided.


If you aren’t sure what your triggers are, our handy guide can help point you in the right direction.

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Check out these approved products and services that may make a difference to reducing allergens in your lounge room.


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