Ausclimate NWT dehumidifiers

AusClimate dehumidifier


  • Reduces household humidity levels
  • Removes mould and mildew
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

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About this brand

ausclimate are a family owned Australian company providing dehumidifiers.   Unique to the Australian market, they provide the essential combination of high quality dehumidifiers, realistic and affordable prices. Plus one-on-one expert advice and after-sales service. Co-founder Allan Bryan worked many years in the carpet cleaning industry and was amazed by the number homes with moisture […]

Ausclimate’s range of NWT home dehumidifiers are an ideal solution to home moisture control and water damage restoration. The range is easy to use, low-cost and highly efficient and, quality assured.

Our range of dehumidifiers improve comfort levels in your home, protect your property and valuables and most importantly, reduce your exposure to health risks.  They are energy efficient, easy to use, highly portable and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

The following Ausclimate dehumidifiers have been approved by the Sensitive Choice program:

  • NWT Compact 12L Dehumidifier WDH-610HA
  • NWT Small 12L Dehumidifier WDH-210HA
  • NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier WDH-716DE
  • NWT Large 35L Dehumidifier WDH-930DA
  • NWT All Season 35L Dehumidifier WDH-930EDH
  • NWT All Season 50L Dehumidifier WDH 070-EBP