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Latest media releases

26 August 2015

Spring pollen alert for hay fever sufferers

Forecast high pollen levels in the air this spring in some states could leave up to seven million Australians who suffer from allergy (including hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and conjunctivitis) struggling with sneezing, watery eyes, a running nose and an itchy throat.


10 August 2015

Car companies called on to improve cabin air filtration

The National Asthma Council Australia has called on major car companies to improve air quality inside vehicles to lessen the risk of driver or passenger asthma attacks inside cars.


1 July 2015

Double trouble for Australians with asthma as winter damp takes hold

Australian households are being urged to take measures during winter’s cold and damp months to avoid mould, which can trigger asthma symptoms.


10 June 2015

Winter asthma attacks on the rise warns asthma expert

Australians with asthma are being warned to be extra vigilant this winter, as hospitalisations due to asthma spike in June, particularly for adults over 65 years.


27 January 2015

Return to school triggers spike in asthma emergencies

Parents and teachers are being warned to prepare for a spike in asthma emergencies when children return to classrooms for the start of the 2015 school year.


18 December 2014

Bushfire season sparks asthma warning

The National Asthma Council Australia is urging Australians with asthma living in or close to bushfire areas to prepare their asthma action plans early.


18 December 2014

Asthma doesn’t stay at home when you go on holiday

Summer holidays are often hallmarked by getaways to exciting new places or family favourite destinations. But for the 2.3 million Australians with asthma, travel can present dangerous, even life-threatening, challenges. It’s essential to be prepared and to plan ahead when travelling.


15 December 2014

Australian Asthma Handbook named a finalist in the AIMIA awards for best healthcare website

The National Asthma Council Australia’s online Australian Asthma Handbook has been announced as a finalist in the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) awards, the most prestigious awards in Australia’s digital industry.


10 December 2014

New Chairman for National Asthma Council Australia

Dr Jonathan Burdon AM has been appointed as the new Chairman of the National Asthma Council Australia, the nation’s lead asthma authority, following the retirement of Associate Professor Noela Whitby AM on completing her term of office. We also welcome Dr Bastian Seidel, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong and a General Practitioner in rural Tasmania. As our newest board member, he will replace Associate Professor Whitby as the RACGP’s representative.


9 December 2014

Don’t deck the halls with asthma triggers

The National Asthma Council Australia is urging Australians with asthma to approach the festive season with caution, warning that Christmas trees, scented candles and even the emotional highs and stress of the season can trigger asthma symptoms. Find out the top 12 tips on avoiding these triggers.


7 October 2014

Sensitive Choice launches information campaign to help Australians with asthma and allergies breathe easier

The information campaign, “It’s about breathing”, aims to increase consumer awareness of the hundreds of household products and services available that could make life easier for the 2.3 million Australians with asthma, and the one-in-three who suffers from allergies.


5 September 2014

Top journalists honoured during National Asthma Week

We are proud to present the winners of our 2014 Excellence in Asthma and Allergy Reporting Awards.


2 September 2014

Kimbra launches campaign to urge effective asthma management

Popular recording artist and asthma sufferer Kimbra is joining forces with asthma experts and peak respiratory health groups today to launch the Asthma: Take Control campaign.


27 August 2014 

Get asthma and allergy ready this spring

Increased pollen in the air, plus thunderstorms and temperature changes, make spring a time to be on high alert for asthma & allergy symptoms.


8 July 2014 

Aussies with asthma advised to keep calcium levels high

Australians with asthma are being advised to meet the recommended daily calcium intake as new research has found that people with asthma may be at increased risk of osteoporosis.

12 June 2014 

Asthma attacks set to soar this winter

Australians with asthma are being warned to be extra vigilant during winter, as hospitalisations due to asthma are set to spike in June, particularly for adults above 65 years.

2  May 2014

New ‘My Asthma Handbook’ helps patients take control

Tuesday, 6 May marks World Asthma Day and Australia’s peak asthma body has launched a new patient guide to help people take better control of their asthma.


26 March 2014

New Data Shows Majority Of Asthma Deaths In Older People

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that more than 60% of asthma deaths occurred in people aged 75 and over.


4 March 2014

New National Asthma Management Guidelines Released

The National Asthma Council Australia today released the new national asthma management guidelines for GPs, pharmacists and primary healthcare nurses for diagnosing and managing asthma.