Healthy Living Resources

Great tips and advice on living a full and active life with asthma. These resources are designed to help you and your family face the challenges of asthma head on, helping you to manage your asthma effectively so you can lead a normal, active life.

Breathing easier indoors

It can be difficult to control what gasses and pollution you are exposed to outside, but we can have a much greater influence over our indoor environment. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds that have a low boiling temperature which means they evaporate molecules at room temperature. Some VOCs occur naturally and not all are […]

Choosing a vacuum cleaner or other type of cleaner

A guide for people with asthma and allergies Most households have a vacuum cleaner, but many people don’t know what features they should look for, or whether they could also benefit from other cleaning devices. This fact sheet highlights some of the things people with asthma and allergies should consider. Cleaning machines should effectively remove […]

How-to video library


Our “How-To” instructional videos have been designed to show you how to correctly use your asthma or COPD inhaler (puffer) or your allergy nasal spray. In each short clip, an asthma & respiratory educator demonstrates the correct use of one device. Many people don’t realise they aren’t using their asthma or COPD inhaler properly. Although […]

Travel insurance

Download Factsheet Travel tips Whether for business or pleasure, thousands of Australians with asthma travel every year. People with asthma who travel interstate or overseas should consider taking out travel insurance, including cover for medical expenses. For people with asthma, including well-controlled asthma, their condition will often be described under travel insurance policies as ‘pre-existing […]

Healthy eating for asthma

Download Factsheet Why does your weight matter? Carrying a few extra kilos can make your asthma harder to manage – the more kilos, the harder it gets. Working towards your ideal bodyweight can help you get fewer symptoms and use less medication. Losing weight can also help you sleep better Inspired? Talk to your doctor […]

Food allergies

Download Factsheet Food and asthma Food is not a common trigger for asthma. In fact, foods, drinks and food chemicals affect fewer than 5% of people with asthma (fewer than 2% of adults and fewer than 5–6% of children). People with asthma should consume a varied and nutritious diet, including breads and cereals, fruits and […]

Bites & stings

Download Factsheet What is allergy? Allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are usually harmless to most people. These substances are known as allergens. Examples of allergens include house dust mites, pollen, mould, and pet dander. What can trigger allergic reactions? We all find the itch of a […]

Asthma & sleepovers

Download Factsheet Is your child’s asthma under control? You must assess whether your child’s asthma is well controlled before considering allowing them to stay the night at a friend’s place, especially if they have never stayed there before. It is also important that they feel comfortable enough to ask for assistance if they start to […]

Asthma Buddy smartphone apps

Asthma Buddy is a take-anywhere reminder of your day-to-day asthma medications. This easy to use app can help you to recognise if your asthma is getting worse and tell you what to do in response. iPhone app available on App Store Android app available on Google Play   Asthma Buddy enables you to: Record your […]

Influenza (the flu)

What is Influenza? Influenza, commonly known as ‘the flu’, is an illness caused when an influenza virus infects the respiratory tract – your nose and lungs. Influenza infection usually has different symptoms and causes a more severe illness than the common cold. It may be a life-threatening infection in certain people. Flu is a common […]