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Ausclimate Winix Air Purifiers

Ausclimate’s range of WINIX Air Purifiers are an ideal solution for clean & healthy indoor air quality. Easy to use, “set & forget” features with the most advanced HEPA air filtration systems & PlasmaWave™ technology. These air purifiers feature a fully certified hospital-grade H13 True-HEPA filter. They will improve the air quality in your home or office by cleaning out airborne pollutants like mould spores, dust and dust mites, […]

Ausclimate NWT Dehumidifiers

Ausclimate’s range of NWT Dehumidifiers are an ideal solution to moisture control in your home year-round. Easy to use, low-cost and highly efficient, their quality-assured range is available on their website. Their range of dehumidifiers will reduce the moisture levels in your home, thereby protecting your property and valuables and most importantly, reducing your exposure to the serious health risks of mould and dust […]


ausclimate are a family owned Australian company providing dehumidifiers and air purifiers.   Ausclimate provide the Australian market with a top quality range of Dehumidifiers & Air-Purifiers for a dryer, cleaner & healthier indoor climate. They are a family-owned Australian company who pride themselves on best customer service, ongoing after-sales support and best overall value in the market. The company has joined forces […]