Vorwerk Kobold VK150 Stickvac


  • The HEPA filter is integrated with the Vorwerk vacuum ba
  • Premium European engineering
  • Efficient brushless motor - powerful, economical and very quiet

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About this brand

Vorwerk Kobold combine quality with tradition to provide their best […]

The Vorwerk Kobold VK150 Stickvac is a premium vacuum cleaning system from the makers of Thermomix and is distributed by Godfreys.

This model has been carefully designed by the Vorwerk engineering team in Germany for maximum cleaning effectiveness, while being incredibly user-friendly and lightweight.

The Vorwerk K150 Stickvac accessory kit is included as standard:

  • EB370 Electrobrush – Designed for deep-cleaning carpeted surfaces. Includes both Carpet brushes and Mattress cleaning brushes (interchangeable)
  • HD50 Hard Floor Flexi Head – Designed to effectively clean all hard floor surfaces. Perfect for getting into corners, along edges and around furniture
  • FD15 Flexo Nozzle – A triangular head that is great for cleaning stairs, walls, and many other surfaces
  • SD15 Soft Nozzle – Also known as ‘The Flower Tool’, this handy brush has many soft bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces such as your car dashboard, TV sceens etc
  • VD15 Vario Nozzle – This tool suctions itself to your wall when you have holes to drill in your wall. It ensures that all dust is sucked away quickly as you drill, so there is no mess when you are finished
  • TR15 Telescopic Tube – A handy and flexible tool which can be used to dramatically extend the reach of the VK150. All other attachments can be connected to the end for long-distance cleaning.

As well as those listed above, you will also receive smaller accessories such as a long Flexi Crevice tool, which is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

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