Valspar Interior Paint


  • Paint and primer in one - to eliminate priming in most instances. Results in a superior smooth and even wall finish
  • Super durable - to last the rigours of everyday living, with superior stain and scuff resistance, and exceptional washability making it easy to keep your living spaces looking great
  • Low Odour during and after application and allows for quick re-occupancy of your rooms
  • Low VOC - contains less than 5 gm per litre of VOCs for improved air quality
  • Water based - for easy wash up

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About this brand

Founded in 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, The Sherwin-Williams company […]

Many interior paint products claim to be environmentally friendly or “green”. This generally means that they won’t negatively impact the air quality of the room by not emitting quantities of toxic substances called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) during and after painting.

Valspar Interior paint is virtually odourless during and after painting allowing for quick re-occupancy of your rooms, making it a better choice for you, your family and the environment.

Valspar Interior is a smooth acrylic wall paint designed to protect and decorate your home and is ideal for covering most interior surfaces.

Valspar Interior meets the requirements of Environmental Choice New Zealand for its low environmental impact credentials and is approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand as part of their Sensitive Choice programme. Better still, our Hydrochroma® 100% water-based tinting system guarantees you’ll maintain the low VOC, low odour qualities of Valspar Interior, regardless of the colour you choose.