Tontine Doonas


  • Anti-microbial treated fibre that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites
  • Machine washable
  • Large range of sizes and profiles
  • Available at popular retailers

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About this brand

Tontine is Australia’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of bedding accessories, producing […]

Tontine’s range of allergy-sensitive Doonas is manufactured with an anti-microbial treated fibre that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites. 

All Sensitive Choice approved Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas are machine-washable.

Sensitive Choice approved Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas include:

  • Anti-allergy Doona®
  • ‘I’m Allergy Sensitive’ Doona®
  • ‘I’m Allergy Sensitive’ Kids Doona®

Made with anti-microbial-treated fibre encased in a beautiful cotton cover, Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas are made at a medium weight for use all year round and come in all sizes from single to king size.

Tontine allergy-sensitive packs

Tontine also has available a range of Sensitive Choice approved packs with different combinations of allergy-sensitive pillows, Doonas and protectors. For more information, visit the Tontine website or visit one of their many stockists across Australia.  Now approved and distributed to China.