Tontine Doonas


  • Anti-microbial treated fibre that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites
  • Machine washable
  • Large range of sizes and profiles
  • Available at popular retailers

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About this brand

Tontine is Australia’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of bedding accessories, producing superior quality quilts, mattress protectors, and especially pillows. In fact, the brand manufactures almost half of all pillows sold in Australia each year. We truly value sleep and want to help Australians recognise the important role it plays in our lives – effecting our mind, […]

Tontine’s range of allergy-sensitive Doonas is manufactured with an anti-microbial treated fibre that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites. 

All Sensitive Choice approved Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas are machine-washable.

Sensitive Choice approved Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas include:

  • Anti-allergy Doona®
  • ‘I’m Allergy Sensitive’ Doona®
  • ‘I’m Allergy Sensitive’ Kids Doona®

Made with anti-microbial-treated fibre encased in a beautiful cotton cover, Tontine allergy-sensitive Doonas are made at a medium weight for use all year round and come in all sizes from single to king size.

Tontine allergy-sensitive packs

Tontine also has available a range of Sensitive Choice approved packs with different combinations of allergy-sensitive pillows, Doonas and protectors. For more information, visit the Tontine website or visit one of their many stockists across Australia.  Now approved and distributed to China.