Taubmans Easycoat


  • Microban® protection
  • Mould & mildew resistant
  • Very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) formulation
  • Low odour

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About this brand

One of the oldest paint brands in the market, Taubmans has been painting Australian homes since 1899. Taubmans offers innovative and revolutionary technologies and over 5,700 paint colours. With helpful online tools such as the Taubmans Paint Planner and Virtual Painter, Taubmans is the number one destination to start your paint journey. In 2007 PPG […]

Taubmans Easycoat paint range includes Microban®, an exclusive antibacterial technology, which protects against the growth of bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Golden Staph, as well as mould, mildew and fungus on painted surfaces.  It’s durable, moisture resistant and fast drying, and with its low odour, low VOC formulation, new Easycoat with Microban® can help you create cleaner, safer and healthier indoor environments.


Taubmans Easycoat Walls

Taubmans Easycoat Walls paint includes Microban®, and is perfect to use in damp areas of your home and in rooms that suffer from high humidity. Ideal for interior walls.

Taubmans Easycoat Kitchen and Bathroom

This premium paint incorporates the technology of Microban® which prevents the growth of mould and mildew spores on your kitchen and bathroom walls. It is durable and moisture resistant.

Taubmans Easycoat Doors and Trims

Taubmans Easycoat Doors and Trims is a quality, durable interior acrylic paint, and is suitable for high humidity and damp areas of the home or office.

Taubmans Easycoat Ceiling

Taubmans Easycoat Ceiling includes Microban® which provides antimicrobial protection against the growth of mould, mildew and fungus on painted surfaces.

Taubmans Easycoat Prep

Easycoat Prep is a premium quality sealer, primer and undercoat perfect for bare interior timber as well as exterior and interior paper-faced plasterboard. It provides protection against the growth of mould and is fast drying and has good surface filling properties.