Sleepyhead pillows


  • Machine washable
  • Helps protect against allergens
  • Pure cotton cover
  • Range of heights and feels

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About this brand

Sleepyhead has consistently led the Australian bedding market in quality and value for 80 years by making regular, substantial investments in the latest production technology. The company has a strong commitment to the local production, using  locally sourced components in the products they manufacture so that they have full control over the quality of manufacture and the materials […]

A great sleep starts with the right pillow. Sleepyhead pillows are designed to have you waking refreshed and revived.

The right pillow will work in unison with your mattress while supporting your head and neck to assist with spinal alignment. Sleepyhead pillows come in a a range of heights and feels to choose from so you can pick the best fit for your mattress.

The range Sensitive Choice approved Sleepyhead pillows includes:

  • Comfort Loft medium pillows
  • Plush quilted pillows
  • King size quilted pillows
  • European pillows