SEBO UHS Polisher

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About this brand

Carpet is the biggest filter within our homes, trapping dirt, dust and allergens. A vacuum cleaner cannot filter what it doesn’t pick up. SEBO K3 Premium (9682AU) was the best performer/top scorer in a recent CHOICE® test. The sealed debris bag disposal system ensures no dust will escape upon emptying therefore no ‘dust blow back’. […]

SEBO UHS Polishing Head

The innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Floor Polisher attachment connects to a variety of SEBO uprights and barrels for total flooring maintenance. Its automatic torque-controlled height adjustment and micro diamond floor pads creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface.

Ideal for maintaining high gloss smooth floors, the UHS Polishing Head attaches to your SEBO Vacuum* (K3Premium or Felix) and is as easy to use. The high speed rotation of the disc pad and the vacuum from the suction unit mean that it polishes and hygienically cleans at the same time.