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Carpet is the biggest filter within our homes, trapping dirt, […]

SEBO for a healthier home and correct floor maintenance; choose from our professional range of barrel and upright vacuum cleaners, deep fibre dry powder carpet cleaner and streak free UHS floor polisher – no chemicals or water required. The following products are accessories for the SEBO carpet cleaner range. 

Carpet Manufacturer recommended for the correct care of carpets and improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

SEBO Duo Dry Powder Carpet Cleaner 

The duo brush machine features motor operated brushes which open the carpet pile enabling the duo-P powder to clean around each separate fibre. The dirt is taken from the carpet and absorbed by the powder. 

Cleaning without using water, Duo is effective and avoids wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long ‘area out of use’ periods due to lengthy drying times. The contra-rotating brushes lift and restore flattened pile, bringing carpet back to life.