Sauber™ vacuum cleaners


  • Mediclean™ 5-stage filtration system for the highest level of hygienic clean
  • Only vacuum cleaner with double HEPA filtration
  • Best dust and fibre pick-up of any vacuum cleaner on the market (Source: Independent Test Institute SLG)
  • Intelligent Power Control™ to automatically ensure the right level of suction for your floors
  • Extra-long 9m power cable for long-reach cleaning
  • Quality European build

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About this brand

Sauber is German for clean, and are here for one […]

Because of their unique MediClean™ filtration system, Sauber™ vaccuum cleaners have been recognised by some of the world’s most prestigious asthma authorities.

Sauber’s patented intelligent power control (IPC™) technology is designed to maintain powerful suction even as the dust bag fills up. The power will automatically adjust itself to ensure high-performance cleaning at all times, and also automatically determines the suction required for each surface. The Mediclean™ high-quality filtration system includes a synthetic double-membrane closed dustbag, a HEPA H13 filter which removes 99.95% of particles, an active carbon filter to remove remaining gas and odours, a second HEPA filter to remove motor commutate dust, and an anti-bacterial treatment to filter any last remaining germs and bacteria, while a double-membrane self-closing dustbag to ensure the highest level of hygiene for you and your family.

Sauber™ vacuum cleaners have many unique features that provide an amazing level of cleanliness for your home and are the only vacuum cleaners in the world to be recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Foundation (DAAB).

Sauber™ vacuum cleaners have been designed from the ground up to assist those with asthma and allergies, and the results speak for themselves.

The following Sauber™ vacuum cleaners are Sensitive Choice approved and are distributed by Godfreys:

  • Sauber™ Classic Domestic Vacuum Cleaner SC-100
  • Sauber™ Intelligence Domestic Vacuum Cleaner SI-200
  • Sauber™ Excellence Domestic Vacuum Cleaner SE-400