Rinnai gas heaters


  • 24-hour digital clock and dual timer with an economy mode function
  • Safe to touch cabinet and lockable controls with childproof mechanism
  • User-friendly push buttons make operation and temperature control easy
  • Air distribution is even with no drafts
  • Pump out heat through floor level outlets to heat whole areas quickly
  • Available in both Natural Gas and LPG models

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About this brand

Rinnai was established in 1920 and specialises in gas and oil appliances. With headquarters in Nagoya (Japan), they maintain a broad international presence through 15 subsidiaries and affiliates across the world. Since its establishment, as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer, they have been providing various products under the keywords of “safety and assurance”, “comfort” and “environment-friendly” and contributing […]

You deserve to be warm in your home. You should not need to pay the earth for this basic luxury. Our gas heaters exist to make people’s lives better through the efficient, safe and convenient use of heat. We will take the time to truly understand how to make your life more comfortable and will challenge ourselves to find better ways to deliver this.

Rinnai’s core capability is the control of heat. Heat is an essential factor for human health and comfort and Rinnai will apply its knowledge to provide appliances that deliver warm, healthy and safe living environments. 

Rinnai’s success will ultimately be judged by the customers who use Rinnai products and services. The better the quality, value and experiences we provide, the more we will gain the support of those that we aim to serve.

Effective design requires a deep understanding of the real needs of people. Only then can solutions be developed that truly address those needs. At Rinnai we seek to have a fundamental understanding of those needs so we can develop meaningful solutions.

It’s our planet too. We all have a responsibility to minimize any negative impact that we may have and to be a good community citizen. Rinnai are engaged in an active environmental programme and we also support “Youth at Risk” initiatives in our community.

We have great people and we will strive to create an environment where we can pursue goals that will deliver success to Rinnai and the people who work there.

The following Rinnai products are Sensitive Choice approved:

Rinnai Energy Saver Gas Heaters – Residential:

Rinnai Energy Saver Gas Heaters – Commercial: