Monster steam mops by Euroflex


  • No chemical residues and no water marks or streaking is left on floor surfaces
  • Safe guards against toxic chemical residues coming into contact with toddlers or children that crawl or play on floors
  • The floor brush attachment can be used to kill dust mites in carpeted bedroom or living areas
  • A modern way of washing floors that eliminates slushy water buckets and odorous mop-heads
  • Eliminates harsh chemical-based detergents from the home and the environment
  • Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities and helps to eliminate asthma triggers

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About this brand

The Euroflex range of steam cleaners and steam mops is designed by Euroflex Italy, a leading global manufacturer of domestic steam appliances. Its range of household steam cleaners and steam mops have been engineered using the same principles as commercial steam cleaning equipment. This means that their steam cleaners deliver maximum cleaning performance and benefit to […]

Monster steam mops by Euroflex are your solution to fast, efficient cleaning of sealed floor, carpets and rugs.

The steam mop is a revolutionary way of cleaning floors that has been adopted by a large number of Australian homes and families. The high pressure steam that is released by the Monster steam mop is able to penetrate into the fibres of carpets to help refresh, deodorise and kill dust mites. Also, when used on hard sealed floors the hot dry steam cleans floors and leaves them streak free, without needing harsh chemical detergents.

Euroflex products are made with a high-grade, durable stainless steel boiler which allows for the water to be “superheated” to produce a drier steam output, compared to other steam mops. This design cleans floors without excessive moisture that can leave floors soaked with water and potentially damage floors. Floors cleaned with drier steam, dry quicker without leaving water marks or water streaking.

The Monster steam mop is energy-efficient thanks to its thermostat temperature control. The patented Steam Booster function allows continuous hot steam to penetrate and soften dirt on floors easily and quickly. Its commercially inspired design has heating elements that do not come into contact with water, therefore eliminating corrosion and calcium build-up, for a longer life span.

Monster steam mops approved under the Sensitive Choice program come in two models:

  • EZ1R- uses pioneering dry steam technology and it is safe to use on all sealed, non-porous floor types including water sensitive floors such as timber and floorboards. The microfibre pad is made with a special water absorbing insert to help dry out floors.
  • SC1z1- in addition to the above benefits of the EZ1R , this model also includes New Ultra Dry Steam Technology.  A hot plate feature at the base of the steam mop acts as a Heat Booster to deliver extra heat to the floor pad to soften and remove dirt and grime faster than ever before. It also helps to dry out any accumulating moisture on the floor pad for a better streak free finish.  The microfibre pad has a soft scrubbing insert to lightly agitate floor dirt.

All Monster steam products are made by Euroflex.