Vapour steam cleaners by Euroflex


  • No chemical residues and no water marks or streaking is left on floor surfaces.
  • Safe guards against toxic chemical residues coming into contact with toddlers or children that crawl or play on floors.
  • The hot steam can be run over soft furnishings such as mattresses to help kill dust mites.
  • A modern way of washing floors, that eliminates slushy water buckets and odorous mop-heads.
  • Eliminates harsh chemical-based detergents from the home and the environment.
  • Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities and helps to eliminate asthma triggers

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The Euroflex range of steam cleaners and steam mops is […]

Vapour products are made by Euroflex.  Their steam cleaners use a process of superheating. The high grade stainless steel boiler superheats the water in the boiler to a temperature of 130ºC and greater, to generate a dry steam vapour. The steam heat is used to soften and loosen dirt on surfaces while the steam pressure lifts the dirt, then simply wipe the dirt away and dry off the surface.

Surfaces cleaned with steam are 100% chemical free and hygienically clean.

Vapour – M6S a small size, barrel-style steam cleaner which is light weight and compact. It features a 1,200ml boiler which generates steam for up to 40 minutes before refilling. This model can be wheeled around on the floor from room to room to tackle the cleaning chores in all areas of the home. The two extension tubes attach to the floor brush to wash floors or they can be fitted to any of the multiple cleaning accessories to reach high up places or to get into tight areas where cleaning in is required.