Mafi timber flooring


  • Timber has a cleaning effect on the air in the room and may diminish unpleasant smells
  • Humidity Control – The natural hygroscopicity effect of the wood naturally helps regulate the humidity in a room
  • Antibacterial – Wood in its most natural state has antibacterial properties
  • 100% Chemical Free

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For over 80 years, Mafi has been committed to improving the health and aesthetics of the indoor living space. Values ​​such as naturalness, environmental and resource efficiency are central to their philosophy and permeate the entire organisation from material procurement and production, to packaging and maintenance. This responsibility towards nature has led to a greater understanding […]

Made exclusively in Austria, Mafi combine tradition with innovation to produce hand crafted, solid engineered timber flooring. Each board is made up of three layers of solid timber where the same species of timber is used on the top and bottom ensuring the boards remain perfectly balanced, preventing warping and cupping. The middle layer is a fast growing conifer, which runs across the grain for added strength. The three layers are glued together using formaldehyde-free PVAC glue made of water, lime and plant acid – without solvents that can cause allergies.

Mafi was the first company in the industry to opt for a no-compromise lacquer-free, oiled surface finish. The oils used are 100% all-natural, free from contaminants and degradation products, making Mafi floors far more healthier and ecological than any paint, smoked, lacquer, UV coated or wax treated wood floors. Because the timber is not sealed the natural characteristics of the wood are preserved; the wood remains breathable filtering the air, regulates humidity and ensures a comfortable living environment.

A Mafi floor is maintained using the all-natural Mafi Oil Soap, which you simply mix with water when mopping the floor. This carefree process both cleans and re-oils the timber for life long beauty. Over time this further strengthens the floor, making it more resistant to potential damage.

The combination of the Mafi production process, natural oil finish and oil soap maintenance system distinguishes Mafi flooring from all others. Their unique and superior construction makes Mafi ideal for both commercial and residential applications and is also guaranteed over under floor heating and in bathrooms. Mafi is 100% toxic free and does not use any substances containing formaldehyde and can be classified as E1 (according to ÖNORM EN 14342).

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