Kärcher steam cleaners


  • Water bath filters out coarse dirt
  • Washable and long-lasting intermediate filter separates airborne particles
  • HEPA 12 filter retains allergy causing pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and mite excretions
  • The exhaust air filter traps carbon dust emissions from the motor

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About this brand

Kärcher is a family-owned company that operates worldwide and is known for its high-pressure cleaners and window vacuum cleaners. In terms of quality and technology they are the world‘s leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for recreation, household, trade and industry. Environment aspects also play a key role in the development of new products, […]

Environmentally friendly, quick and convenient, Kärcher steam cleaners make it possible to clean hard floor surfaces, fittings and much more with little effort and without chemicals.

The tried and tested Kärcher quality of these machines ensures that your floors, tiles and windows will shine.

The following Kärcher steam cleaners are Sensitive Choice approved:

  • SC1 Handheld Steam Cleaner
  • SC2 Steam Cleaner
  • SC3 Steam Cleaner
  • SC4 Iron Kit Steam Cleaner
  • SC5 Steam Cleaner
  • SC7 Steam Cleaner