• Keeps insulation working to maximum benefit and contains fibres
  • Healthy indoor air, free of external allergens when used with filtered ventilation
  • Prevents drafts completely
  • Protects frame from ingress of internal moisture and risk of mould growth
  • Measurably reduces energy consumption for same level of comfort
  • Is tested at install to show successful application

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Pro Clima is a leader in the development and manufacture […]

The INTELLO® smart vapour retarder (SVR), tapes and accessories, help to create draft-free, long lasting and low allergen surroundings for families, schools and businesses.

INTELLO® allows buildings to perform reliably in all climate areas, keeping heated or cooled air inside the building, allowing for controlled ventilation, meaning no drafts – even when it is windy outside.

INTELLO® prevents uncontrolled moisture ingress into the wall or ceiling which in turn reduces the risks of condensation forming and degradation or damage occurring to visible and hidden building materials like plasterboard, framing and insulation. Unlike a plastic sheet, it will not trap moisture in the structure. Instead it varies its ability to allow moisture to pass – giving a new structure the highest levels of drying capacity as well as keeping moisture out.