Graphenstone® Ecosphere and Biosphere


  • Ecosphere & Biosphere absorb and lock in carbon dioxide as they dry
  • 45 litres can absorb over 14kg of CO2
  • Low toxicity with no harmful emissions
  • Ultra-low VOC
  • Graphene and lime paint

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About this brand

Graphenstone is an ecological paint company born with an environmental commitment. Graphenstone offers a range of paint systems that look attractive and provide longevity without harmful ingredients. Their formula is a mineral-based paint blended with a naturally occurring 21st century nanotechnology, graphene. It’s an alternative to traditional synthetic polymers, offering strength and flexibility – attributes […]

Graphenstone Ecosphere (interior) and Biosphere (exterior) are advanced ecological paints.

A water based, ultra-low VOC paint system that is blended with high purity lime and graphene providing strength, durability and flexibility.

Ideal for those who have chemical sensitivities, Graphenstone Ecosphere and Biosphere actively capture and lock in carbon dioxide (CO2) as they dry. As little as 45 litres can capture the same amount of CO2 as a mature 250kg tree will capture in 12 months.