Foreverbreathe Wall Systems


  • Non-toxic and breathable
  • Improved indoor air quality via lower humidity levels
  • Lower cost to heat and cool
  • Cost neutral with traditional wall systems
  • Compatible with all home designs

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About this brand

HEALTH BASED BUILDING™ – is the brand that champions healthy […]

Let the structure do the work. The Foreverbreathe™ high performance breathable wall system allows moisture vapour to travel through the wall while remaining airtight. This is a departure from traditional walls that trap in moisture, causing condensation, mould, structural decay, higher energy costs and health issues. This is achieved through a combination of non-toxic, breathable materials that provide increased indoor air quality and energy savings without moisture entrapment.

Foreverbreathe Wall System

Let the structure do the work. Foreverbreathe Wall Systems, shifting the first principle in design to breathability. Air tightness and vapour permeability working in harmony to remove moisture and increase air quality. Built from a combination of natural breathable materials, Foreverbreathe Wall Systems are simple to design, simple to build and easy to maintain. Seamless integration with conventional timber or steel framed walls, prefabricated walls or automated SIP panel pressing systems.

Eliminates the need for a home ventilation system. No complexity in design, multiple plastic wraps or toxic insulation. All human health and environmental aspects covered, including down-stream waste management. Sustainable development in the truest sense.