koh (ekoWorx) surface cleaner

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  • Degreaser and stain remover
  • Fragrance free
  • One product for multiple uses
  • Kills bacteria
  • Deodorisers

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About this brand

ekoWorx is the creation of two dads from Bondi Beach (NSW). The pair make for an unlikely duo with a mission to turn the cleaning products industry on its head, but change as the saying goes, often comes from unexpected places. Having spotted an innovative commercial cleaning system in Japan, they wondered if such a […]

koh (ekoWorx) is a next-generation universal eco cleaning solution employing the science of green ionic chemistry. Their mission is to help eliminate the use of toxic chemicals used in cleaning products.

koh (ekoWorx) is a surface cleaner suitable for a multitude of applications.

It is formulated with ultra purified water and potassium hydroxide (diluted  to less than 0.3%) and has effective cleaning properties due to the fact it is not inhibited or obstructed by other ingredients.

Once the solution is sprayed via an atomiser, it immediately begins absorbing carbon dioxide and the potassium hydroxide then converts to potassium carbonate, a naturally occurring mineral salt.

This means the solution has no environmental impact as there is nothing for potassium carbonate to degrade to.

Whilst this reaction is occurring, the solution very effectively emulsifies light grease and fats, dissolves dirt and grime and overall makes for a very effective surface cleaner

koh (ekoWorx) is very effective, easy to use and has no fumes, fragrances or foams.