Dyson humidifier


  • Ultraviolet cleanse - 3 minute cycle
  • Hygienic, humidified air
  • 99.9% bacteria-free mist

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Dyson is a global technology company with engineering and testing operations in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK. Dyson employs over 12,000 people globally including over 5000 engineers and scientists – with an increasing proportion in South East Asia where production and operations also take place. Approved products View all approved products. Visit the […]

With Ultraviolet Cleanse™ technology, Air Multiplier™ technology and Intelligent Climate Control – Dyson’s AM10 humidifier is scientifically proven to hydrate dry air for a healthier home.

Ultraviolet Cleanse technology uses a three-minute cycle to kill bacteria, ensuring that any mist projected is always 99.9% bacteria-free. When the water leaves the tanks it travels along a water canal which exposes the water to an ultraviolet bulb. Ultraviolet light is used to kill the bacteria, fungi, and mould that can be found in water from the tap or that grows in the tank when not being used. The water then runs into a piezo chamber, where it is exposed to the ultraviolet light for a second time. A piezoelectric transducer, or piezo, then vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency to atomise the water into a fine mist before being drawn up through the loop amplifier and projected into the air. This technology is patented and allows the Dyson humidifier to expel a fine and lightweight mist that is 99.9% bacteria-free.

Air Multiplier™ technology is used to project hygienic, humidified air evenly across the room (this is the same technology in our range of fan and fan heaters to generate powerful airflow). There are two annular apertures in the machine. When the machine is turned on, the humidifier cleans all water in the tank within three minutes before allowing any of it to be distributed out of the machine’s front aperture. It then continues to clean the water as the machine is in use. Air Multiplier™ technology is then used to project high velocity air from the rear aperture, mixing with the humidified mist and distributing it across the room.

Sensitive Choice recommends that relative humidity levels be kept below 60%.