Delos MERV 13 Air Filter


  • Whole home filtration unit
  • Can remove most indoor particulate matter
  • Compatible with most residential HVAC systems
  • Utilises infrastructure of existing HVAC system

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About this brand

Delos is a global wellness real estate and technology company […]

The Delos MERV 13 Air Filter is a whole home filter that utilises the home’s heating and cooling system to provide filtered air.

It efficiently targets small particles in the air through both indoor and outdoor sources of pollution, such as household dust, household products and materials, pollen, mould spores, smoke, droplet nuclei (from sneezes), dander and excrement produced by pets, pests and insects. The construction of this filter limits air leakage and enables a longer lifespan.

This product has a low resistance to airflow which means it is compatible with most residential ducted heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) units.