Delos 3-Stage Water Filtration System


  • High quality household water
  • Reduced chlorine in shower water can mitigate dryness and irritation
  • Filtered water is more cost-effective than bottled water and reduces the environmental impact
  • Filtration reduces heavy metals, minerals and iron rust to help protect your appliances and fixtures
  • Easily retrofittable

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About this brand

Delos is a global wellness real estate and technology company […]

The Delos 3-Stage Water Filtration System harnesses three unique stages of filtration to provide cleaner and great-tasting water from every tap and shower in the home.

Sediment filtration helps reduce overall particle load, while carbon filtration targets chlorine in the water.

Lastly, the KDF filter is effective in controlling the build-up of bacteria, and targets key chemicals and heavy metals (like lead, mercury and copper).