• Soaks up condensation
  • Reduces odours
  • Combats damp, mould and mildew
  • Reduces allergens that may trigger asthma and other respiratory problems

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About this brand

DampFree is a brand from Zenexus: a supplier of leading […]

The DampFree Moisture Absorber Range absorbs excess moisture in the air and condensation around your home.

This combats damp, mildew and mould, while reducing allergens that can be a trigger for asthma and other respiratory problems.

The range consists of a variety of units and refill crystals packs that reduce musty odours, while protecting clothing and other items from damage. The DampFree range is non-toxic and septic safe.

Sensitive Choice® approved DampFree products

  • Slimline Moisture Absorber Unit 180g
  • 3 pack Slimline Moisture Absorber Refill Crystals 180g
  • Moisture Absorber Refill Crystals 3.4kg
  • 4 pack Moisture Absorber Easy To Use Refills
  • 3 pack Moisture Absorber Hanging Pouch
  • Moisture Absorber Disposable Unit 2.2kg