Cli~Mate dehumidifiers


  • Helps to reduce the growth of mould, mildew, fungus and dust mites which are asthma and allergy triggers.
  • Reduces humidity
  • Effectively reduces moisture from the air, creating a drier healthier home environment
  • Reduces dampness

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About this brand

Cli~Mate was created with the vision of being recognised as the leading specialists in air treatment-type products. They endeavour to offer products that are convenient, economical, stylish and that function effectively in a variety of different climates and environments. They keep their brand tagline ‘improve your environment’ in mind when it comes to developing new products and improving our […]

Cli~Mate supply dehumidifiers that are convenient, economical, stylish and that function effectively in a variety of climates and environments. 

‘Air Dryer’ dessicant dehumidifiers

Classed as a dessicant dehumidifier, it is unique in its ability to extract the same amount of moisture as a standard dehumidifier over 20°C with the added benefit of effective operation at temperatures as low as 5°C, making it ideal for use in low temperature high dampness areas as well as warm environments.

The CLI-DH8D model is approved.

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Compressor dehumidifiers

A sleek modern design, mobile, quiet and easy to operate, Cli~Mate’s range of compressor dehumidifiers are ideal for removing moisture in the air in tropical (warm and humid) or universal climates. These models are great for use in large damp areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. The following models are approved:

  • CLI-DH12
  • CLI-DH20-E
  • CLI-DH25-E

Capacities range from 12L*, 20L* and 25L* per day.

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Portable dehumidifiers

Cli~mate also has available a range of convenient portable dehumidifiers that use  silica dioxide crystals to reduce dampness, mould, mildew, rot and odour, including

  • ‘SunSack’ dehumidifying bags – CLI-DH150S, CLI-DH150S3
  • Dehumidifier eggs  – DH200-E-200
  • Rechargeable dehumidifiers  – CLI-DHE

Perfect for confined spaces such as car boots, caravans, boats as well as linen closets, wardrobes and even drawers.

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*At 30°C / 80% relative humidity