Bosch Hydronic Heating Boilers


  • Up to 24% more cost effective to run than ducted heating*
  • Even temperature distribution for ultimate comfort
  • Allergy and asthma friendly form of heating with no dust or blown air
  • Can be installed under the floor or using elegant wall panels
  • Silent operation

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About this brand

Bosch has had a presence in Australia since 1907, opening […]

Hydronic heating in your home is simple and reliable – a hydronic boiler heats water and transports it around your house to release and create warmth. 

The heat can be released via underfloor pipes that can be laid in your slab, or via stylish radiator panels on your walls. Depending on your requirements, the perfect solution can be designed for you. If you want a flexible heating solution that accommodates for different temperatures throughout the day then radiator panels are ideal for you, but if you prefer to maintain a stable temperature in your home throughout the heating season then laying underfloor pipes in the slab will help you achieve your goal. 

 Bosch hydronic heating provides you with superior comfort, operational efficiency and silent operation. It also eliminates the negative effects to allergy and asthma sufferers caused by pollen and dust blowing in the air when ducted heating is used. 

 The following Bosch hydronic boilers are Sensitive Choice approved: 

  • Condens 5000W (18kW, 30kW and 37kW) 
  • Gaz 6000W (30kW) 


*Approximate running cost comparison between gas ducted 3 star and gas hydronic (condensing) zoned. Source data: