BISSELL® carpet shampooers


  • A healthier way to clean your home
  • A powerful and effective way to deep clean your carpets, stairs and upholstery
  • BISSELL deep cleaners get the dirt vacuums can’t

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About this brand

BISSELL ® is a family owned company that has been a leader in the homecare business for over five generations. Started in the Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA) in 1876, their innovative cleaning tools from carpet sweepers to vacuum cleaners, steam mops and deep cleaners, and a range of time-tested cleaning formulas are now found all over the world. BISSELL’s goal […]

BISSELL® carpet shampooers for deep cleaning are a great way to refresh your home and to protect your carpet from wear and discoloration.

Even the best traditional vacuum cleaners simply can’t reach the deep-down dirt at the base of your carpet fibers. Carpet shampooers work by spraying solution deep into your carpet, scrubbing it with rotating brushes and then extracting the liquid, dirt and debris out of the carpet using powerful vacuum suction to clean beyond the surface.

BISSELL® recommends deep cleaning your carpet at least twice a year – but if you have children, pets, or allergies you may need to deep clean more often.

Using a portable deep cleaner to keep up with unexpected spots and stains in between will help you maintain that fresh and crisp feeling your home has after a thorough deep cleaning.

Sensitive Choice® approved BISSELL® carpet shampooers

  • 20W7F ReadyClean™ Powerbrush Pet
  • 1285K PowerClean™ Pet
  • 44L6F PowerWash™ PowerBrush Select
  • 10N4F Lift-Off™ Deep Cleaner
  • 3278F PowerWash Deluxe™
  • 1466F PowerBrush Premier™
  • 53WIF PowerBrush Plus™
  • 3698F SpotClean™
  • 1285F Emergency SpotClean
  • SpotClean Professional #4720
  • SpotClean #36984
  • 20W7F TurboClean PowerBrush
  • Proheat 2X Revolution #1858F
  • Proheat 2X Professional #1456F
  • 222F TurboClean PowerBrush
  • Revolution 2X Pet #2066F
  • Revolution 2X Pet Pro #2457H
  • Little Green # 2067F Deep Cleaner
  • SpotClean Cordless Professional #1923F

The Bissell formulas for use with these shampooers have not been submitted for approval by Sensitive Choice.

  • O790  Pet Stain and Odour Remover
  • 79B9E SpotClean™ Spot and Stain
  • 74R7E SpotClean™ Pet Stain and Odour Formula
  • CleanShot®
  • Wash & Remove + Antibacterial Formula

BISSELL is the exclusive Sensitive Choice® deep cleaning partner.

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