Beam central vacuum systems


  • The only CVS clinically tested and proven to remove 100% of contacted dirt and allergens from the household environment
  • Exclusive and patented Beam, GORE-TEX™ Self Cleaning HEPA standard filter technology, filters 98.3% of particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Quiet and powerful HE motor offer higher performance yet uses 30% less energy than other traditional vacuum system motors
  • Lightweight hose, accessories and cleaning tools are convenient and easy to use
  • Can be fitted to new or existing homes
  • Award winning product

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About this brand

Beam Industries was the pioneer of domestic central vacuum systems […]

Beam central vacuum systems are the only central vacuum system that has been independently tested and proven to remove 100% of contacted dust, dirt, mites and allergens from the home environment. Unlike portable vacuums that may re-circulate dust back into the air each time they are used.

Beam central vacuum systems use Beam Airflow™ ducting to carry dirt, dust and allergens away from living areas to the central power unit usually located in the garage. The ducting can easily be fitted to new homes as well as retrofitted to existing homes.

The Beam Alliance Central Vacuum System consists of the quiet yet powerful HE motor system which gives higher performance using 30% less energy. The patented Gore-Tex™ HEPA standard filtration removes 98.3% of contaminates 0.3 microns. The patented Sound-Off™ muffler for a cleaner, quieter, healthier home environment.

The Alliance interface monitoring system is simply activated by plugging in the lightweight flexible hose to the nearest Beam wall inlet. This allows you to move from room to room for quiet, fast, easy whole-house cleaning convenience.

The combination of high efficiency cleaning and removing the dirt from the living space makes a huge difference for Asthma and allergy sufferers.