Aware Sensitive cleaning products


  • Contains no irritants like fragrance, optical brighteners or enzymes
  • Low allergy
  • Naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients
  • No Palm Oil derived ingredients
  • All endorsed by Planet Ark

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About this brand

Aware Environmental Ltd is the Australian manufacturer of the Aware […]

Aware Environmental’s vision is to be Australia’s most ethical maker of sustainable household consumer products and to continue producing Australian products that make it simple for people to live a greener lifestyle.

Aware Sensitive laundry powder

Low allergy, high performing concentrated powder that is formulated for those with sensitivity issues and does not contain irritants such as Fragrance or Perfume, Optical Brighteners, Dyes, Phosphates or Enzymes etc. No Palm Oil or Animal testing and safe to use for septics and greywater applications. Tough on stains, gentle on skin.

Aware Sensitive laundry liquid

A highly concentrated soap based liquid that offers superior performance especially for front loading washing machines. Also doesn’t not contain any of the irritants listed above. No Palm Oil or Animal testing.

Its lower pH, phosphorus & Sodium levels means its also better for your clothes and is safe to use for grey-water and septic systems.

Aware Sensitive triple action stain remover

A low allergy, sensitive powder that can be added to your laundry wash to help boost performance and whiten whites. It also works as an anti-bacterial soaker for tough stains and will kill germs that a normal wash cycle may miss. By eliminating harsh ingredients that trigger allergies, skin conditions and asthma, this product is perfect for adults and children.

Aware Sensitive pre-wash stain remover

Offering people who suffer from sensitive skin, allergy and asthma a performance product that removes common stains including collar and cuff marks, perspiration and greasy spots, and food and drink stains without using common irritants like fragrance, perfumes, oxy agents, optical brighteners, dyes and enzymes.

Aware Shower, basin and bath cleaner

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner relies on the natural cleaning power of orange oil and fruit acids, instead of petroleum based solvents and bleaches. This means it can still remove soap scum, water and rust marks, calcium build up and stains without creating harsh fumes. By simply spraying and rinsing off, this product is suitable for shower screens and bases, baths, spas, basins, tiles, toilet bowls, taps and chrome faucets

Aware multi-surface cleaner

A general purpose ‘spray and wipe’ cleaner that relies on natural anti-bacterial properties for high performance. By eliminating irritants like fragrances, perfumes, oxy agents, dyes and enzymes, this product offers consumers a low allergy, sensitive option for everyday cleaning.