Healthy living factsheets

Great tips and advice on living a full and active life with asthma. These resources are designed to help you and your family face the challenges of asthma head on, helping you to manage your asthma effectively so you can lead a normal, active life.

These factsheets are available to read online or can be printed and shared with friends and family.

Air purifiersAir purifiers
Air treatments explainedWhat is the difference between a humidifier, a dehumidifier and an air purifier?
Allergy at a glanceGet the facts about allergy and how they can be minimised
Asthma at a glanceWhat you need to know about asthma
Asthma & sleepoversIs your child with asthma ready for a sleepover?
Asthma winter checklist Make sure your lungs are in the best possible shape for winter by following these steps
Australia Wide First AidA great colour poster from our friends at Australia Wide First Aid
Bites & stingsFind out how you can avoid allergic reactions from bites and stings
Breathing easier indoorsHow you can help control pollution inside your home
BushfiresHave you got an asthma bushfire plan?
Car air filters update 2015Latest update on which car models have air filters?
Car air filtersFind out which car models have air filters?
Cleaning tipsSpring cleaning tips to reduce asthma and allergy triggers
Climate control in your homeA dry well ventilated home can help your family breathe easier
Dust and dustingKnow what's in your dust and how to avoid the allergens in it
Dust mitesFind out how you can avoid the most common allergen trigger
Flooring Find out the best flooring options for people with asthma and allergies
Food allergiesFood is not a common trigger for asthma
Choosing a vacuum cleanerA guide for choosing cleaning machines
Healthy eating for asthmaWhy does your weight matter?
Indoor humidityIndoor humidity
Influenza (the flu)Dispelling the flu myths
Kids’ Food Allergies for Dummies bookKid's Food Allergies for Dummies by Assoc Prof. Mimi Tang and Assoc Prof. Katie Allen
Medication tipsUnderstand the role of your asthma medications
MouldUseful ways to avoid mould in your home
Pets & allergiesTips for living with your family pets
Pollen & hay feverWays you can avoid pollen, a major trigger for hay fever
Pregnancy & asthmaGood asthma control when you are pregnant is vital for you and your baby
Processes & treatmentsUnderstanding the different types of treatments for products
Smoking & asthmaPeople with asthma who quit smoking have healthier lungs in just 6 weeks
Travel insurancePeople with asthma should consider travel insurance
Travelling & holidaysGood preparation can help keep your asthma at bay while you are away
Thunderstorm asthmaWant to know a little more on Thunderstorm Asthma?
VOCsPretty much every one has heard about VOCs, but what and where are they?