Soaring heat increases the need for climate and air-quality control

With temperatures soaring during the hottest months of the year, Australians use all sorts of techniques to find respite from the heat. Choosing the right products is particularly important to those with asthma and allergies, as some air conditioners and dehumidifiers can benefit these conditions, whereas others can actually exacerbate symptoms, says the National Asthma […]

Health is as important as the environment

Being environmentally conscious and friendly is widely acknowledged as increasingly important in building and renovating. Equally important, but not nearly as well recognised however, are the health implications of building and renovating to professionals and DIYers, says the National Asthma Council Australia. While there are standards covering some health issues, they are more concerned with […]

Cup holders more important than health?

The National Asthma Council Australia has called on Australian car manufacturers to take the respiratory health of Australians more seriously by installing cabin air filters in all vehicles and informing consumers what filtration car models have. A review of the top eight models of Australian-made cars sold in June 2013 shows only the Toyota vehicles […]