Car air filters update 2015

Major car companies need to improve driver and passenger air quality

In 2013, National Asthma Council Australia looked at whether or not leading new car models sold in Australia had cabin air filters and, if so, what type.

A surprising number of car models did not have optimal cabin air filtration.

With almost two years having passed, we’ve checked Australia’s seven top selling car models over the first six months of 2015 to see if anything has changed.

Make/ModelParticulate (pollen) filterActivated carbon (gases) filter
Toyota CorollaYesNo
Mazda 3YesNo
Toyota HiluxYesNo
Hyundai i30YesYes
Ford RangerYesNo
Holden CommodoreNot standard - available as an optionNo
Mitsubishi TritonNoNo

Not one of the above companies mentions cabin air filters in their respective new car brochures (even where they have filters)!

Only one of the models has both particulate and activated carbon filters – well done Hyundai i30.

Disappointingly, none of the models listed has added filtration from 2012 and two of the seven top selling models come with no cabin air filtration as standard.

Notwithstanding the fact that Australia has very high rates of asthma and allergy when compared to the rest of the world and clear evidence that pollen, exhaust gasses and other airborne pollution are triggers for asthma, hay fever and other respiratory symptoms, some car companies appear not to consider passenger health in the same way they consider passenger safety.

In fact, there have been accidents caused by drivers experiencing asthma symptoms or sneezing, so car air quality is a safety issue.

The NAC calls on car companies to improve cabin air filtration, and to disclose the filtration provided in their marketing material.

To see our July 2013 media release calling on car manufacturers to make some changes, click here.