Dust mites are one of the most common allergy triggers in the home. Unfortunately, they love snuggling into your bed as much as you do.

A regular hot wash will kill the mites in bed linen; freezing soft toys overnight will also help. Mattresses, pillows and quilts can be harder to clean, so instead look for washable mite-impermeable covers or products made with anti-microbial treatments.

Mould can get into bedrooms, especially if you have a built-in wardrobe or en suite bathroom. Consider whether the air flow or humidity levels could be improved and make sure any leaks or rising damp are treated quickly.

If your family pet causes asthma or allergy problems for someone, the pet should not be allowed into that person’s bedroom.

Whether your wardrobe is freestanding, built-in or a walk-in robe, the main challenge is humidity. House dust mites and mould love a humid environment, and they’re two of the most common asthma and allergy triggers.

Once again, look at how you can improve air flow and humidity levels by leaving the wardrobe doors ajar, opening a window regularly, or using a dehumidifier.


If you aren’t sure what your triggers are, our handy guide can help point you in the right direction.

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