Tonic TV: Breathe Easy

ABC News24 recently aired an episode of Tonic TV all about asthma called “Breathe Easy – Living with Asthma”, which was produced with the assistance of the National Asthma Council Australia. Tonic is a magazine-style program that relies on the latest evidence and advice from world-leading health experts to inform viewers and help them to live a healthier life.

This very special edition of Tonic explores a common, chronic condition that affects one in 10 Australians and has the potential to be devastating – asthma. The evidence is that it’s often poorly managed with many people not using their medications effectively, and as a result having worse asthma symptoms than necessary.

Dr Norman Swan and his team of reporters look at how asthma affects the lives of people living with it, through the eyes of Kathy and Jeff, two very different asthma sufferers. Kathy wasn’t diagnosed until her late twenties, after a series of misdiagnoses and years of struggling with not being well and not really understanding why. Jeff on the other hand was diagnosed as a child and has found that managing his asthma well allows him to live a life full of sport and fitness. Asthma expert Professor Matthew Peters talks about the latest in asthma research and why this common condition is mistreated and misdiagnosed, and has loads of great information for people with asthma and their loved ones.

The team also take a look at how schools are equipped to look after students with asthma. Then Tonic’s fitness guru Geoff Brockenshire busts myths surrounding asthma and exercise – and some of it might just surprise you.

To view the episode, click here