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Rinnai Radiant Floor Heaters

Rinnai Energy Savers Heaters maintain the air quality in your house because they are specially designed not to release any emissions into the room.

Unlike some other heating solutions, which are generally mounted high up on walls, Energy Savers are mounted below waist level, with accessible vents, making them easy to clean regularly to reduce the build-up of dust, mould spores or dust mites.

Energy Savers offer:

  • High efficiency
  • Heat an area rapidly
  • Provide control with 11 temperature settings between 16°C and 26°C
  • Reduced running costs
  • Inbuilt safety mechanisms
  • Versatile installation
  • Use gas that makes them more environmentally friendly many electric appliances
  • Easy to clean with minimal dust build up
  • Superior indoor air quality

From supremely efficient domestic models to heaters with enough power to warm up any space from a small home to large lecture theatres, there’s an Energy Saver to suit your needs.

The following products are Sensitive Choice approved:

Energy Saver gas heaters - residential

  • Energy Saver 309 FT
  • Energy Saver 559 FT
  • Energy Saver 561 FT

Energy Saver gas heaters – commercial

  • Energy Saver 1004 FTR

 Rinnai Symmetry Gas Fires

  • Rinnai Symmetry RDV3610
  • Rinnai Arriva – RHFE752ETR Flued heater
  • Evolve 950

 Rinnai Central Heating System

  • IHEAT Central Heating

Product Benefits:

  • 24-hour digital clock and dual timer with an economy mode function.
  • Safe to touch cabinet.
  • Lockable controls with childproof mechanism.
  • User-friendly push buttons make operation and temperature control easy.
  • Air distribution is even with no drafts.
  • Pump out heat through floor level outlets to heat whole areas quickly.
  • Available in both Natural Gas and LPG models.

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Rinnai Radiant Floor Heaters