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  • Low emissions to highest international standard
  • Designed specifically to provide super-high-gloss and blemish-free paint finishes on all edges and surfaces
  • Excellent machinability – great for joiners and builder to work with
  • High quality at an affordable price

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About this brand

Daiken New Zealand, the company behind New Zealand’s most recognised Medium Density Fireboard (MDF) product — Customwood, is not only well known for its innovative and sustainable products but also has a growing reputation for providing the healthiest choice. Based in North Canterbury, New Zealand, they export locally-made Customwood throughout New Zealand and across the world. […]

The new Customwood SuperFinish range represents a major step forward in MDF production.

Designed specifically for applications requiring super-high-gloss, blemish-free paint finishes on all edges and surfaces, excellent machinability and good cost efficiencies; SuperFinish is Customwood’s new premier product.

Developed to provide a healthier environment, SuperFinish has minimal levels of formaldehyde emissions and is SE0 (Super E Zero) compliant, accommodating not only the highest national and Australian standards, but also the stricter JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard).

Formaldehyde, which is used in MDF production, is a natural gas made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon which occurs as a natural product in most living systems and environments — levels in outdoor air are generally below 0.0001 mg/m3. By working closely with resin makers, Daiken has developed a range of Customwood products that emit the lowest levels formaldehyde possible.

Customwood SuperFinish highlights Daiken’s commitment to meeting the world’s most stringent environment standards, for the production of the highest quality, sustainable products sourced from renewable resources. The range has also just been recognised by the Asthma Foundation as a Sensitive Choice product — a first for any MDF product in New Zealand.

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Customwood MDF with emission rates the same or better than Japanese

F4 Star classification, including:

  • Customwood
  • SuperFinish

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