Part of Pacific Brands, Tontine is Australia’s leading manufacturer and wholesaler of bedding accessories, producing superior quality quilts, mattress protectors, and especially pillows. In fact, the brand manufactures almost half of all pillows sold in Australia each year.

We truly value sleep and want to help Australians recognise the important role it plays in our lives – effecting our mind, mood, health and vitality.

We’re passionate about providing innovative sleep solutions so that Australians feel refreshed after a great night’s sleep.

Our range of product includes:
Pillows – synthetic, feather and down, memory foam, latex
Doonas – synthetic, feather and down, wool, cotton
• Pillow protectors
• Mattress protectors
• Mattress toppers and underlays

In 2010, we introduced the Tontine freshness date stamp to all of our synthetic pillows, which provides our customers with a reminder of when they need to look to replace their pillow. Research told us that Australians were holding on to their pillows for far too long, and given we spend up to a third of our life in bed, over time different types of fungi, dust mites and their faeces build up inside our pillows, creating a hygiene issue. We place anti-bacterial properties in all of our synthetic pillows and recommend on average the lifespan is around two years for a synthetic filled pillow. Now approved in China.

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There are hundreds of outlets across Australia that stock Tontine.  Simply check out the Where to Buy area of our website to find your nearest store.