Based in Brisbane, Australia, Rubbedin Pty Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of specialty cleaning products since 1979, with well known products such as Cooktop Magic®, Washing Machine Magic®, Descale Magic, Stainless Steel Magic® and Soot Loose® available in all leading supermarkets and DIY stores nationally.

Rubbedin’s existing Magic Range of products is safe to use in the home and around a family as they contain no harmful chemicals. They are environmentally responsible, biodegradable and grey water/septic tank safe.

With an already strong sense of environmental responsibility and the awareness that not all green cleaning products are truly green, Rubbedin saw the need for a green product that can tick all the boxes: One that is non toxic, plant-derived, contains no chlorine-bleach, no phosphates, no synthetic fragrances and no sodium. Being safe for the environment is one thing, but what about safe for in the home? As an asthma and allergy sufferer since the age of 3, co-owner, Marslie Smits is aware of the lack of cleaning products suitable for individuals with allergies and asthma.

The go-clean go-green® range was launched in early 2011 after 3 years of extensive research, development and testing: Truly green products that work for both the consumer and the environment. The entire range is hypo-allergenic, contains dermalogically tested ingredients and is cruelty free.

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