Rinnai was established in 1920 and specialises in gas and oil appliances.

With headquarters in Nagoya (Japan), they maintain a broad international presence through 15 subsidiaries and affiliates across the world.

Since its establishment, as a comprehensive heat-energy appliance manufacturer, they have been providing various products under the keywords of “safety and assurance”, “comfort” and “environment-friendly” and contributing to “heat and comfortable lifestyles”. Their product lineup consists of conventional thermal energy appliances such as kitchen appliances including cooking stoves and rice cookers, hot-water units including bath boilers, air-conditioning and heating units including gas fan heaters and infrared heaters, as well as non-conventional products such as dish washers/dryers and clothes dryers.

Rinnai New Zealand Ltd has an Auckland based head office and have been supporting New Zealanders for over 30 years.

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